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What is Campus Coat Check?

Campus Coat Check is a coat checking system for students at Colgate University. No student wants to walk up the hill in the winter without a coat, or get a coat stolen at a party or the jug, so we will serve as the temporary storage unit for coats. When the night begins, students can check a coat and when they are ready to go home they can pick the coat back up.

How does Campus Coat Check work?

Check your coat at the beginning of the night and pick it up at the end of the night. See the How it Works page for more information.

What does it cost to check a coat?

It costs $3 to store a coat with us for the night.

How can I pay for my coat?

You can pay for your coat using Venmo. Square and 'Gate card are coming soon...

What happens if I forget to pick up my coat the night I check it?

If the coat is not retrieved the night you check it with us, a $5 late fee will be charged. This charge covers our costs of storing the coat and getting it back to you. We will email you and text you to alert you that your coat was not picked up.

What happens if my coat gets lost?

If your coat gets lost or stolen while under our supervision we will refund you up to $100, unless the value of the coat is less than that. Our business model relies on your trust that we will return your jacket to you safely every night. Although accidents do happen, please trust that we have implemented an optimal system to store and return your coat everytime you go out.

What happens if belongings in my coat pockets get lost?

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any personal belongings left inside of coat pockets. We strongly encourage customers to check a coat with empty pockets so no confusion occurs.

Can I check out my friends coat?

On the home page in the Secure Your Coat section, when you pre-register to be a customer of Campus Coat Check, you have the ability to give your two closest friends the permission to check your coat out. You can only check out the coat of any friend who gave you permission to do so.

I need help, how can I reach you?

You can fill out the form on the Contact Us page or send us an email at: